Chronology of Jan Letzel

day, month, year


9, 4, 1880 Birth day.

He was born at Nachod of Czech.(Austria-Hungary, at that time) His father, Jan Letzel (1847-1900), run the "Letzel Hotel" at Nachod.


He completed an architect course of a technical high school in Pardubice


He began to study modern architecture of Sezession style at UMPRUM (now, Praha Art College) under Professor Jan Koreta (1871-1923). Kotera was a pupil of Otto Wagner (1841-1918).


He graduated at UMPRUM.


He joined Quido Belsky's architect office in Praha. He planned the tearoom of Grand Hotel Evropa in Praha.


He planned the Dvorana (Hall) of Msene Springs (Czech).

10, 1905  

He joined Fabricio Pascha's architect office in Cairo, Egypt. Pascha was employed by a superintendent general of Egypt.

12? 7, 1907  

He came to Japan to join the George DeLalande's architect office in Yokohama. George DeLalande (1872-1914) was a distinguished architect at that time in Japan, Korea and China. Letzel was a head of staff. He lived in Nakamura-cho, Yokohama. He joined to plan the Kobe Oriental Hotel# and the Deutsches Haus of Yokohama.


He moved to a house of Higasi-shinano-cho, Yotsuya-ku, Tokyo.

spring 1909  

Completion of construction of the Seishin Women's School in Shiroganedai, Tokyo.

16, 10, 1909  

He became an independent architect. He made a limited partnership with Karel Jan Hora (1881-1973). "Letzel & Hora" company; Ginza-Izumo-cho, Tokyo. Letzel's house; Sendagaya, Okutama-gun, Tokyo.


He adopted a 5 years old girl; Hanna Mahit.

spring 1910  

Completion of construction of the Futaba Women's School.

25, 6, 1911  

Completion of construction of the Japan Private Health

Association [Hall] in Ote-machi, Tokyo.

6, 1911  

Completion of replica of Mary's cavern in Sekiguchidai Church.# .

around 1911  

Completion of construction of the Baron Nagayo's residence, in Azabuhujimi-cho, Tokyo.

4, 1912  

He moved his architect office to the Mitsubishi Building No.3, Marunouchi, Tokyo.

around 1910-2

He planned to extend a building of Tsukigi Seiyo-ken Hotel#.

30, 6, 1913  

He dissolved the limited partnership; Letzel and Hora company.       He made the "Jan Letzel's architect office." [Hora returned to his country (Czech) at 16, 2, 1913. Hora came back to Japan again and returned to Czech on September.]

8, 1913

Completion of construction of the Matsushima Park Hotel in Miyagi prefecture.

around 1913  

He planned the Boehler's residence in Baden (near Vienna).

7, 1914  

[Outbreak of the world war I.]

8, 1914  

George DeLalande died suddenly. At that time he was planning the       government-general of Korea.

fall,  1914  

Completion of construction of the Sophia University in Tokyo.

5, 4, 1915  

Completion of construction of the Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Exhibition Hall. [now, A-bomb Dome]

2, 11, 1915  

Opening of the Tokyo Station Hotel. He might join to plan this       hotel's interior.


He closed his architect office on the end of the year.

around 1916  

Completion of construction of the Dr. Bryan's residence in Shimo-sibuya, Tokyo.

6? 1917  

Completion of construction of the Ueno Seiyo-ken Hotel in Tokyo.        The hotel was destroyed by a big typhoon at 1st October, 1917.

7, 1917  

Completion of construction of the Miyajima Hotel in Hiroshima.

11, 1918  

[Suspension of the world war I.]

12, 1918  

[Independence of Czechoslovakia.]

27, 8, 1919  

He got to a attache commercial a.i. of Czechoslovakian legation of Tokyo.

26, 3, 1920  

He left from Japan and returned to his country (Czech).

7, 1920  

He retired from attache.

15, 11, 1922  

He came to Japan, again.

1, 9, 1923  

He met with the Great Kanto Quake in Tokyo. His works;       the Japan Private Health Association Hall, the Sophia University and the Tsukigi Seiyo-ken Hotel, were destroyed.

27, 11, 1923  

He left from Yokohama, Japan. He returned to his country the end of the        year.

26, 12, 1925  

He died in a hospital of Praha.