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photo-Atomic Bomb Dome(before the bombing) Hiroshima Prefectural
Industrial Promotion Hall
(now, Atomic Bomb Dome)
This building was built in 1915.
Atomic Bomb Dome
after the bombing
(in November 1945)
photo-Atomic Bomb Dome(after the bombing)
photo-Atomic Bomb Dome(in 1999) The Dome was designated
a UNESCO World
Heritage Site
in 1996.
Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims
(in Peace Memorial Park)
The Japanese characters carved
on the front of the chamber say,
"Let all the souls here
rest in peace;
for we shall not repeat the evil".
photo-Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims
photo-View near First Hiroshima Prefecutual Junior High School after the bombinger View near First Hiroshima Prefectural Middle School
(now, Kokutaiji High School)
after the bombing
I was exposed to the A-bomb
around here.
Scorched plain near Hiroshima University of Literature and Science
I went along the back of this university through severe fire on August 6.
photo-Scorehed plain near Hiroshima University of Arts and Science
photo-Scorehed plain around Takanobashi Scorched plain around Takanobashi
The Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital's building is on the left side
of this photograph.

At later years
Atomic-bomb Survivors Hospital
was established next to this hospital.
The police box at the west end of Miyuki Bridge
Relief operation was done in front of this police box.
I rested in this
police box for a while on August 6.
(photograph by Yoshito Matsushige)
photo-The police box at the west end of Miyuki Bridge
photo-Monument toTamaki Hara Monument to Tamiki Hara
(Tamiki Hara is
a so-called A-bomb poet.)
A-bombed Phoenix Trees
transplanted to
the Peace Memorial Park
photo-Phoenix Trees exposed to the A-bomb
photo-Children's Peace Monument Children's Peace Monument
(Tower of Paper Cranes)
This monument was inspired by Sadako Sasaki, a vivacious young girl suddenly struck down by radiation aftereffects.
Sadako, two at the time of the bombing, developed leukemia about ten years later.
Then she died in 1955.

Statue of Mother and Child
in the Storm
photo-Statue of Mother and Child

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