For a 21st Century
free from Nuclear Weapons

(Sub-title; Memoirs of Student Survivors and Their families)

I will tell about my A-bombing experience on this website.

I was exposed to the A-bombing in Hiroshima
when I was in the first year of middle school.
I was very close to the hypocenter,
only 0.9 km away, but narrowly escaped death;
however, I lost many friends.
Over 90% of my classmates were killed due to
the blast, fires, burns, or latent aftereffects.

Nuclear weapons are really dreadful.
Needless to say, their destructive power is tremendous,
and they have an even more evil power--radiation.

In this website, I will first introduce my own experience of the A-bombing
and describe my thoughts on peace,
followed by the memoirs of my classmates
who managed to escape from the school building
destroyed by the A-bombing and who later died from aftereffects.
Then I will also introduce testimonies of the bereaved families
who witnessed the deaths of their sons,
who were victimized at an early stage of their lives,
suffering from acute disorders,
due to the direct exposure to the intense heat rays and radiation of the A-bomb.

I hope this website will help you learn the horrors of nuclear weapons
and realize a peaceful world without nuclear weapons.

cloud(small) My Experience of the A-bombing
and Thoughts on Peace
cloud(small) Various Photos
cloud(small) Memoirs of My Late Classmates
cloud(small) Memoirs of Bereaved Families
cloud(small) My Profile and Postscript


HSO (Hiroshima Speaks Out)
Message from Survivor and Hiroshima(Japanese)

Made on September 23, 1999

Updated on July 21, 2009

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